Shayah, as he is affectionately known to his band mates, comes from a long line of musicians and became a musician himself at the age of 8 when he learned to play the alto saxophone. He played in symphonic and marching bands through high school and played in the UCLA jazz band during his early college years. Shortly after transferring to the University of California at Santa Cruz, Shayah picked up a guitar and never looked back. In 1978, he purchased the 1973 Martin D-41 he still plays as a member of Hindsight, and it immediately became his pride and joy.

Shayah moved to Colorado in 1992 to start the Boulder Weekly and is still at the helm of his own company. He founded Hindsight in 2006 and feels that the band “has really hit its stride” heading into 2016, its 10th anniversary year. Shayah’s favorite band is the Grateful Dead and he has attended well over 100 Grateful Dead concerts. He lives in Boulder with his wife, Mari, and 16-year-old daughter, Mia.

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